Virtual Pointe Shoe Fittings

For a number of reasons, it may not always be possible for you to come and see us in person to get fitted for a pair of Pointe Shoes, might be that you are far away from us or other restrictions such as Covid-19.

The Virtual Pointe Shoe Form

In order to accommodate as many dancers as possible, we offer a Virtual Pointe Shoe Fitting service. If this might work for you, please download the form and review the instructions.

Download The Virtual Pointe Shoe Form

Completing the Form

Once you've downloaded the form, please take a moment to review each section and then complete each step within the form. This will provide our Pointe Shoe Fitter all the information they need to assist you in finding the right pair of Pointe Shoes.

For first time students, we highly recommend that you fill out this form with that assistance of your Pointe or Ballet teacher, as some of the terms might be very new to you.

Once your form is completed, please scan it, save it as a .pdf and email it to us, along with the required pictures of your feet (Section D).

The form has 6 important sections:

Section A will ask for general information about you, your level of experience and what you are looking for in your next pair of Pointe Shoes.

Section B will gather specific information about your feet, such as type, arches, flexibility, etc.

Section C will cover your needs in regards to Pointe Shoe accessories.

Tendu a la seconde

Section D shows sample images of the 4 pictures of your feet that we need. These pictures are really important in order for us to select the correct pair of Pointe Shoes for you.

Section E will give you information on how to measure and trace each one of your feet. This is also a very important step.

Section F will gather personal information so that we can process and ship your order.


If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service representative who will gladly assist you.